Template Features

Mixology : A Joomla 1.7 Template Designed for DJ's, Bands and Music Artists!

DJ's and Music Artists Unite! Mixology is your all in one website and promotional tool with features galore. An all encompassing design using some of the hottest extensions for Joomla! along with new custom modules and components from JoomlaXTC. Mixology is feature packed with some of the hottest advancements in CSS styling including CSS3 rounding and shadowing control (limited availability in IE = IE9!). The multiple styles and region controls create much more than just a basic template.

Offering so much more than a basic template, Mixology comes complete with our custom Appointment Book component to handle all your dj booking needs. In Addition to the Appointment Book we have included our latest greatest Component for Joomla - Power Tabs! We have also included some of the most popular 3rd party extensions with custom themes for ADs Manager, HWD Videoshare, HWD Photoshare, Jomsocial 2.2.4, Community Builder, Kunena 1.6 and More.

Packaged with the new JoomlaXTC XTC Framework template system delivering complete control over the template styles, from Width Adjustments, Region and Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout, and 6 custom styles template control has never been easier.

*Bonus: Also included with the template is a Media Promotion package consisting of layered Photoshop documents of ready to commercially print double sided Quarter Page (4.25"x5.5") flier and single sided 11"x17" poster.

Template Features:
  • CSS3 Design
  • X Template Framework
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • 45 Module Positions
  • 50+ Stock Module Suffix Styles
  • 3 Mootools based Menu Styles - Suckerfish - Dropline - DualFish
  • Mulitple Layout Options featuring Regions
  • RTL / LTR Support
  • Multi Column Design
  • Custom Joomla Content CSS Style YooTheme Overides
  • Commented source files for user friendly customization
  • Cross Browser Support for IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.
Bonus Themes:
  • ADs Manager Mixology Theme
  • Community Builder Mixology Theme
  • HWD VideoShare Mixology Theme
  • HWD Photoshare Mixology Theme
  • JomSocial Mixology Theme
  • Kunena Mixology Theme
  • Simple Image Gallery Overrides
  • Joomla Content Overrides
JXTC Extensions:
  • Appointment Book
  • PowerTabs
  • Deluxe News Pro
  • MP3 Chart
  • CB Avatar Wall
  • Youtube Channel
  • Simple Mp3
  • Deluxe MP3 Player
  • Deluxe MP3 Player CB Edition
  • Deluxe MP3 Player Jsocial Edition
  • Tweet For File
  • Facebook Like
  • Contact Wall
  • Custom HTML Module
3rd Party Extensions:
* included in Jumpstart Version
  • ADs Manager
  • Community Builder
  • HWD Videoshare
  • HWD Photoshare
  • Kunena
  • Simple Image Gallery
Package Includes:
  • JoomlaXTC Mixology J1.7 Jumpstart Install
  • JoomlaXTC Mixology J1.7 XTC Template
  • Mixology PSD Graphic Source Files
  • JoomlaXTC Mixology Extensions
  • Enhanced Media Kit

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